74 years later, US / Japan make War contingency plans

74 years later, US / Japan make War contingency plans

About eighteen months out from the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, We are fully expecting a mutual war response in the far east contingent on Japan.

John McCain spoke with the SDF (Self-Defence Forces)–(Japan still can’t call it a navy/military) central to a US response in the far east, obviously aligning and bolstering Abe’s new more aggressive stance.
McCain also encouraged Japan’s increased SDF involvement in the middle east.
Japan’s Prime Minister Abe (AH-BAY) has interpreted the self-defence authorization in the post-war constitution to include the defense of Japan’s allies, an attitude growing in popularity.

Here is the story from Japan Times:


  • Foxfier

    This is really good news– inside of some bounds, I ‘trust’ Japan a lot more than I do most countries. Mostly in trusting them to fulfill any obligations they take on, but that’s still more than I can say for most of our European allies.

    From the story:
    McCain, 78, dismissed the view that Japan’s participation in such operations may cause a confrontation between Japan and China.

    I was somehow not surprised to see the next line wasn’t “because China is already causing confrontations with everyone they can, and that little issue of the series of mad dictators they’ve been propping up means that any “confrontation” has already long ago been caused.”

    Possible long term good effects of Japan bringing support in for the RoKers are a bonus, though I’d really like to see some improvement there.