Can men ever win?

Reaxxion has a depressing article up called Men Are Considered Sexist No Matter How They Treat A Woman, which quotes a feminist whining about how everything men do is sexist of one variety of another and that, I can only assume, this is somehow a bad thing.

If you don’t know about “benevolent sexism” then you have probably been guilty of it on a regular basis without even knowing it. Since gamers are apparently among the most sexist of all sexists, it would not be surprising if every single man who plays video games has committed these insidious acts which supposedly “justify women’s subordinate status to men”. What are some of these horrible acts that when committed condemn men to contemptible sexist status? From the recent Northeastern University study “Nonverbal and Verbal Expressions of Men’s Sexism in Mixed-Gender Interactions“:

During the trivia game, men with more benevolent sexism were perceived to be more patient overall when waiting for the woman to answer the trivia questions.

Being patient with a woman is a sign of sexism. Got it.

…opening a car door for a woman may reflect simple politeness that would be extended to anyone; however, it could also reflect benevolent sexist attitudes if the man does it because of his assumption that men are more competent than women and that women should be pampered or protected by men, and his action may, in his subjective opinion, be positive and not at all sexist in the traditional sense

Opening doors for women is sexist. Never again.

…men’s benevolent sexism predicted more smiling

Yes, apparently smiling at a woman is also sexist.

What are men supposed to do? I’m pretty sure feminists will start complaining about cruel and uncaring men if we do what they want and kill chivalry dead. Be careful what you wish for ladies you just might get it.

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