Amanda Green reviews Goodnight Stars by Annie Bellet

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I’ve written before about how my love for Science Fiction began. I was young, late elementary to early junior high, and staying at my grandmother’s house in Ardmore, OK (also known as the armpit of the world, at least to a kid with no mode of transportation other than her feet and who was much too far from the library). My grandmother wasn’t much of a reader, something that still amazes me because my dad and most of his siblings were voracious readers.

Anyway, I’d read the dozen or so books my grandmother had and went searching for something to do. Like any self-respecting — and bored — kid, I started poking around in closets and dark corners. Off the kitchen was a bedroom with a closet that had a door that was almost as tall as the room was high. Being an old pier and beam house, and being in need of a lot of tender loving care, the door had warped. Now, that made it a challenge. I pulled and leveraged and finally got the door open and found a treasure trove of books, records, magazines and more.

I don’t know how many hours I spent just going through the books. I found things like early editions of If and other SF/F magazines. That was all it took. My love of Science Fiction was born.

All of that is a roundabout way of saying my first love in SF was short stories. Somewhere along the way, I wandered away from them. Too many I’ve looked at over the last few years have been heavy on message and short of plot or characters I can care about. Not so with the Hugo nominated short story Goodnight Stars by Annie Bellet. (You can download a copy of the story here. It will also be included in the Hugo packet.)

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