Does the SJW ever tell the truth?

There was an interesting post up by Ann Coulter over at TownHall that asks the question Can The Left Come Up With One True Story?. I have been following Ann Coulter on and off for years, I find her entertaining. Her article talks about the way the left routinely tells lies and she does ask why they never seem to be able to tell the truth.

Why this is relevant is we are currently witnessing the same basic “lie, Lie, LIE some more” approach to the reporting over Sad Puppies. They seem in particularly fine form with the Sad Puppies reporting, telling lies that are trivially easily disproven but, I can only assume, hoping that nobody reading will bother to read any further because it fits the narrative. Still, thanks to the internet it gets ever easier to fact check such stories. Have a look into the mind of the non-SF SJW’s and how they act and be wholly unsurprised that they are the same the world over.

From the Duke lacrosse team, the Columbia mattress girl and the University of Virginia, the left has not been able to produce one actual rape on a college campus. It’s beginning to look as if the rape of the Sabine women never happened, either. Someone’s going to have to go back and investigate.

The big finale to the latest college rape fable, Rolling Stone’s whimsical “A Rape on Campus,” about a fraternity gang rape at the University of Virginia that never happened, is the Columbia Journalism Review’s “investigation” of the story, released Sunday night. It’s more of a house of mirrors than a finale, inasmuch as CJR’s report is so preposterous that it demands its own investigation.

The CJR treats “reporting” as if it is some sort of learned craft, requiring years of study, as opposed to basic common sense. For example, if someone has an incredible story that he’s dying for you to publicize, but loses interest every time you try to confirm any of the facts, a normal person would say: Oh, that’s because it’s probably a lie.

Without even knowing that the rape accuser, “Jackie,” had refused to let Rolling Stone check the most basic elements of her narrative, every human being who read Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s piece knew it was nonsense by around the second paragraph. It was like a Lifetime TV version of a fraternity rape.

The Washington Post knew. Slate magazine knew. Much-maligned journalist Richard Bradley knew.

But the CJR diligently ticks off Rolling Stone’s failures to follow the “essential practices of reporting,” including “editing, editorial supervision and fact-checking.” Rolling Stone’s Reporter of the Year, Erdely told CJR, “I wish somebody had pushed me harder.” Her managing editor, Will Dana, admitted that he should have “pull(ed) the strings a little harder … question(ed) things a little more deeply.”

Yes, maybe the editors were just not pushing hard enough.

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