Who should vote in the Hugo’s?

It seems that K.T. Bradford is at it again with a profanity laced screed about all the people having wrong fun and daring to vote in the Hugo’s. She isn’t the only one but she did give me something to think about. John C. Wright has a cleaned up version of the whole thing over at Scifiwright.com if you want to read it. But I will quote the bit that interested me.

Here’s a thing: I need people to stop responding to this Sad Puppies/Hugo thing with “well, if you want to change things, you should have voted.”

First: sexual congress you.

Third: If you can’t or don’t attend WorldCon, the only way to vote is to become a supporting member. That costs $50. Does everyone have $50 to spend on this? No, no they don’t. As I said, in the past few years there has been an upsurge in people willing to do so because they feel it’s important. But again, the mostly white mostly men who are involved in Sad Puppies and the mostly white, mostly men brought in from gamer gate have money to spare (this is often a result of said whiteness and maleness). For them $50 is no big deal. For others it is not.

So sexual congress-ing cut it out acting like “Oh, you can just vote”. It’s not that simple.

What struck me as interesting about all this silliness is that the reason you pay $40 to get a Worldcon Membership (Or more if you plan to attend) is because you are contributing to help run Worldcon and pay for everything that goes into making the Worldcon possible. Worldcon exists because people are willing to contribute money to make it happen and one of the rewards for helping to make Worldcon possible is the ability to to nominate and vote for the Hugo awards. Sad Puppies is about asking more people to contribute to that effort.

So if K.T. wants to police who can vote in the Hugo awards then I have a really simple suggestion for her. Why doesn’t she agree to pay for Worldcon next time around out of her own pocket or spend the time to raise the money to fund it all and then she can get to decide who can vote in the Hugos because she has paid to make the event happen like all the current Worldcon members have done. Or better yet, raise her own money, have her own convention and give out her own award for … I don’t know .. “The Circle Jerk award for Best Victiming SJW in SF” or something. I think she is just bitter because without the SJW Cabal gate keeping the award the chances of her ever winning one are zero.

Speaking of new awards, there has been talk among the Superversive SF ilk for organizing an award for best Superversive fiction. I don’t know if we will be able to organize a convention or if it will mean much, but let me know if you like the idea. Maybe we can organize something exciting surrounding the idea.