Whatever happened to shame?

Crisis magazine has an interesting article up called Shamelessness in Public and Private Life. It asks a serious question. Why are people so shameless these days? Why are their no bounds to what people will publically and openly embrace? How did we go so wrong?

We often hear that there is no sense of shame anymore. For decades, that has been evident about sexual matters. Sexual behaviors, even perversions, which were once not only unmentioned but even unthinkable are now in the mainstream. Not only this, but opposing thinking—such as the value of chastity and sound sexual ethics—is held to be abnormal and unrealistic. Instead of norms of courtship and regard for the “nice girl,” we now have a hook-up culture. More, we see people forced to endorse and even facilitate sexual immorality. Corporate executives who dissent from any aspect of the homosexualist agenda are ousted, states try to force bakers and florists with religious objections to serve same-sex “weddings,” and conscience protections for health care workers who don’t want to aid in abortions are eroding. In effect, an attempt is underway to refashion as objectionable morally upright beliefs concerning sex and reproduction.

We see shamelessness in corporate America. Besides the surrender to the homosexualists, we witness CEOs getting large bonuses even when their companies don’t perform well and their employees’ pay stagnates. We see the national Chamber of Commerce pushing amnesty for illegal immigrants because, in the final analysis, they want more workers who will be willing to take minimum wage jobs. In other words, so companies don’t have to pay a just wage.

We see public employees with benefit packages that outstrip the private sector dig in their heels and oppose even efforts to make them contribute toward their health insurance premiums. Their union spokesmen don’t blink an eye about the fact that taxpayers, many of whom are much less financially advantaged, have to foot the bill for them because they won’t make modest sacrifices for the public good.

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