Kat Laurange Stands with the Puppies

I have been acquainted with the Kat Laurange for some years now– 8? 9? I’m not sure. Since the slightly-less-dark age of Livejournal (which followed the dark age of Xanga), at any rate. We “met” in the comments section of John C. Wright’s blog, and though I don’t know her as well as I know some other folks, I know her to be a kind soul and talented artist. Today, Kat threw her lot in with the Sad Puppies, a move that requires more than a little bit of courage in the current climate.

About a million years ago I was the political cartoonist for my college newspaper.  Possibly I was not the best person for the job, because I’m not terribly political, nor fond of being controversial, but it was a fun gig while it lasted.  Today I was moved to draw my first political cartoon in 15 years.

Kat Laurange asks, "Who are the bad guys?"

I’ve been a silent bystander in the ongoing battle in the field of SF/F, a reader and a fan of John C Wright, Larry Correia, Sarah Hoyt, and (lately) Brad Torgersen. I’ve read the blogs regarding Sad Puppies since SP2 last year, but I did nothing, I said nothing.  No more.

Read the rest over on her blog. It’s not long, but it’s inspiring. (Also, chibi Torgenson, Correia, and Wright!)