An illustrated Dune


Tor has a story up about an illustrated version of Dune from Sam Weber. It looks magnificent.

The Folio Society has been publishing premium illustrated editions of classic works since 1947, including many iconic science fiction and fantasy titles. They’ve just released a beautiful edition of Frank Herbert’s Dune with art by Sam Weber, and that’s a reason for both fans of Dune and fans of great art to rejoice. This 50th anniversary edition contains eleven full color illustrations, black and white spot illustrations, as well as a gorgeous slipcase featuring the desert landscape of Arrakis.

Sam Weber is no stranger to our pages— readers may recognize him from his short fiction art, as well as covers to some of our most beloved novels such as Ender’s Game and Mistborn (to name only two). I asked The Folio Society’s art director, Sheri Gee, why she chose Sam for this project. She explained:

Sam is amazing at painting a plausible alternative reality. We’d been so impressed with his previous commissions for us, but even more so by Sam’s wider portfolio which showed a clear love of all things strange. I thought it would make for a really interesting commission. In all, he was the perfect choice for Dune, and we were blown away when he not only said he’d love to work on it for us, but that it is also his favorite book.

Tackling Dune is no small feat. So many iconic images already exist, most notably from John Schoenherr but also from giants in the field like Moebius and H. R. Giger. Add to that just how beloved the book is all over the world, and this kind of undertaking can become a huge weight on an artist’s shoulder.

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