Sad Mr. Gernsback — Hugos

THE Hugo awards Mr Gernsback (remember him?) was the fairest guy around. He wanted everyone exposed to SF and other AMAZING STORIES. Try to remember that.

I wasn’t going to post on this because it seemed so obviously benign and beneficial, BUT I am seeing anti-Sad Puppies posts REPOSTED and SHARED that are obnoxiously PROFANE. GET A GRIP PEOPLE.

First — Everyone who is eligible to vote should — simple good old USA logic.

Second — encouraging people to vote is a GOOD thing. ALWAYS

Third — it costs an average of fifty bucks to support Worldcon and Vote. This is a GREAT thing. It supports a worthy non-profit pro-SF venue. Those who cannot afford the fifty bucks but still love SF should not waste food ar rent money, but go to the library and read good SF books — don’t worry about awards just now — you have too many other problems. This does NOT make this a “PRIVLEDGE” issue — SHEESH!

Last — if many people vote, not just the current one-one hundredth of all SF fans, then we ALL WIN because we have a more representative and broader selection and election, exposing ALL readers to this wonderous world of speculative fiction.

Let all who love a piece or a magazine or an editor vote and nominate and we all might better ourselves for doing it.

And YES I do know what is going on. But this is the result that is scaring so many people — it is nothing to be frightened of. Embrace truth and equality and fairness. We will all be happier.