Future Superversive SF livestreams

The first of the Superversive SF livestreams went really well, I had a blast and we will definitely be doing it again, better organized and prepared and I will figure out how to get the live Q&A working this time. So, what would people like to see in future live streams? I can attempt to organize guests and discuss topics that people are interested in. Please let me know what you would like to see. We will try to organize these once a month.

Rewatch #1 now!

  • For questions, an option would be a dedicated facebook post or post at superversiveSF that asks for questions, going up a day or so beforehand. That way people who can’t make the hangout when it’s live get a chance to have their questions discussed.

    For questions during the hangout, either a dedicated chatroom (which could take some effort to set up) or a specific post at superversiveSF could be used, as long as the location for live questions is specified clearly. That way people taking part in the hangout (or whoever is in charge of handling the questions) could have that open next to the hangout app window instead of the youtube channel, using up a lot less bandwidth.