The Darkest Day by Ben Zwycky

The one on whom we pinned our hopes is now forever gone;

His broken, twisted corpse has shown all witnesses Rome won!

His promises of life and mercy clearly all a fraud,

Hide and lock yourselves away before you face a viscious sword!


What was he thinking? When they came he told us not to fight,

He surrendered with such calm, as if he controlled that night.

We could have made a break for it and seen another day,

With all the wonders that he worked, there had to be another way…


When he merely said his name, they all fell to the ground,

Wasn’t he supposed to clear the temple then be crowned?

Clearly not, no king would choose to die the way he did,

When morning comes it will be time that we all fled and hid.


Deny you ever knew him our you’ll share his shameful fate,

Our home towns might just take us back, if it’s not too late.

Our women want to see the tomb, embalm his body right,

There they go, despite the gloom of dawn’s approaching light…





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