Rumours of a new Star Trek series from CBS


News from Nerdist about hints that CBS is making a new Star Trek series. I’m in!

This year marks ten years since Star Trek: Enterprise went off the air, and ever since, fans have been wondering when a new Star Trek series would come back to television. Sure, the J.J. Abrams movies have been successful, but the Trek movies always seemed like something extra, the icing on the cake for Trekkers, but not the cake itself. The cake is Star Trek as a regular, ongoing television series. And with the franchises’ 50th Anniversary next year, fans have been hoping that some kind of announcement would be made about a return to TV for the franchise. Now, a new rumor has surfaced that suggests it might very well be happening… and details on what it could be about have actually been available online for years.

According to the report, back before the 2009 movie reboot, there were two competing pitches for a Star Trek TV revival. One was developed by Babylon 5 creator and comics writing legend J. Michael Straczynski and Dark Skies’ Bryce Zabel, which would have rebooted the original Kirk/Spock/McCoy trio with all new actors. The details of that pitch are actually all online and make for a fascinating “what if” read.

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