Are you watching Backstrom?

I have been enjoying Backstrom, the new series starring Rainn wilson, have you seen it? PJ Media has an interesting article up called 7 Reasons Why Backstrom Is Perfect Counter-Culture Conservative TV that explores some of the unexpected ideas that turn up in the series.

Don’t let the appearance of Rainn Wilson fool you. Everett Backstrom is no Dwight Schrute, nor is Backstrom yet another take on the Sherlock trend. This smart, funny detective series walks into dark territory to examine the human desire to look toward the light. It goes against formula and against the grain manipulating authority and questioning politically correct cultural norms in pursuit of truth, justice and, even more intriguingly, redemption from evil. Here are 7 reasons why Backstrom is trendsetting, essential counter-culture conservative television that demands a place on the air.

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