Fastest Star in the Galaxy Thrown Out from a Supernova

Over at, there’s an interesting article about the fastest known star in the galaxy:

The fastest-known star in the Milky Way is on a path out of the galaxy, and new research suggests it was a supernova that gave it the boot.

The runaway star, US 708, is traveling at 7,456 miles per second (12,000 km/s) — that’s  26 million miles per hour (43 million km/h) —making it the fastest star in the Milky Way ever clocked by astronomers, according to the new research. Its speed will allow it to escape the gravitational pull of the galaxy, and eventually make its way into intergalactic space.

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That is some impressive velocity, I can’t help imagining what sort of damage a rampaging stellar body like that could do if it passed through a solar system or two along its path out of the galaxy. If you could direct its path, it would make for an impressive space opera doomsday weapon, wouldn’t it?