Print media books aren’t quite dead yet.

Print media books aren’t quite dead yet.


And certainly not in the UK where they are regaining lost ground from those new fangled e-books.  Some of us old folk, though we might have been programming Zerox cpm machines and using Fortran in the past, still like a print  book once in a while.  Not always — but sometimes it is reassuring.

  • Tom Simon

    The article is misleading as all get-out.

    Sales of standalone e-readers at Waterstones stores are down; sales of ebooks are not. It should be no surprise, in a world where every Android and iOS device can be used for reading books, that sales of separate reading devices have slumped.

    It should come as even less of a surprise that a brick-and-mortar bookshop chain like Waterstones would find its e-reader sales virtually disappearing. The Time article does not cite industry figures, only a claim by Waterstones about their own retail sales.

    It takes an amazing combination of mendacity and gall to go from ‘Waterstones say they are selling fewer dedicated e-readers in their retail stores’ to ‘Ebooks are in decline in the UK’. Fortunately, mendacity and gall are two of the most abundant commodities at Time.