How much do you know about Armor ?

How much do you know about Armor? Otherworld Gazetter dispels 5 Common Armor Misconceptions that is well worth a read.


Like many of you, I’ve been a fan of fantasy fiction for years. While I love Larry Correia and Jim Butcher’s urban fantasy, I’m still partial to the old heroic and epic varieties as well. There’s just something about dwarves in armor with their mighty axes, elves with their bows, and evil just beyond the horizon.

Unfortunately, a while back, I started actually studying medieval armor. I won’t say it made it impossible for me to enjoy fantasy fiction, because that would be untrue, but I will say it gets annoying when writers make some of these mistakes.

So, if you’re writing some good, old fashioned fantasy, then maybe knowing these misconceptions are actually misconceptions will make your writing that much stronger and reduce if fewer headaches from readers who know a little something about armor.

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