A response to Anita Sarkeesian and her demands about games


Reaxxion has an interesting article up titled A Response To Anita Sarkeesian’s Demands Upon The Gaming Industry. As a staunch supporter of #GamerGate myself I heartily agree with all the observations. This is certainly the most polite set of responses I have seen so far.

Earlier this week, noted feminist and gaming opponent Anita Sarkeesian, of the 300 million dollar Intel money, published a list of “Eight Things Developers Can Do To Make Games Less Shitty For Women.” (As an aside, what is it with feminists and swearing? Is it some attempt to fight against stereotypes of being “ladylike”?) While feminist whining about video games is nothing new, this is, to my knowledge, their first attempt at a list of demands for the game industry. Thus even though these are arguments we’ve all seen before, it’s worth going through them and responding to each in turn, and giving them the due consideration that these ideas and their proponents deserve. I’ve bolded each demand below, along with my response.
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