Carbonating alcohol … For Science!


There is an interesting post over at Supercompressor that has the author experimenting with a soda stream (I can’t believe these are back, we had one of these when I was a kid!) and his collection of alcohol. The results are interesting … For Science!

I mean, this is it, people. Forget gourmet soda and seltzer water, this is the reason why the Sodastream exists. After seeing this thunderous success (well, disaster) on YouTube, I recently dipped into my vast collection of liquor bottles from the boozy coffin encompassing my desk and used a newly-acquired Sodastream to make delicious carbonated beverages.

In the early afternoon hours—positively high on power and carbon dioxide—I tasted each and every kind of sparkly-booze I could procure. Presented to you, with unabashed honesty and tipsiness, are my findings.

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