Science P*rn!

Shades of Fritz Leiber’s “The Wanderer”:

A team of astronomers, led by Eric Mamajek of the University of Rochester have determined that a recently discovered dim star passed through our solar system’s distant cloud of comets, called the Oort Cloud, around 70,000 years ago.

The Oort Cloud is the origin of most of the comets in our Solar System.

The star, nicknamed “Sholz’s star,” is believed to have passed roughly 0.8 light years away, which is equivalent 8 trillion kilometres or 5 trillion miles from our sun. This is the nearest any star other than our sun has been to our solar system, and is five times closer than the current closest star Proxima Centuari, which lies 4.2 light years away.

Currently, Scholz’s star is a small, dim red dwarf in the constellation of Monoceros, about 20 light years away.