Large Cats killed by Dog Disease

Large felid carnivores   Big Cats — IE Lions, Tigers, Pumas, (Genus Felis & Pantera) are dying from Canine distemper worldwide.

A brain trust meeting in “Da Bronx” found vaccination may be the only viable answer.  Not surprisingly the problem seems greatest, or at least most visible, in the Old Soviet Union.  See video below from Siberia;


“in the Serengeti – a 30% decline in the lion population in the park. While the outbreak in 1993-1994 was likely due to transmission of a virus from domestic dogs, it is now clear that the routes of virus spread and maintenance are more complex. Following the 1993-1994 outbreak, vaccination has successfully reduced the level of infection in the dog population around the Serengeti. However, lion infections have increased over the last 20 years and the timing of infection peaks in lions has not always correlated with dog infection peaks…”

“WCS Russia Program Director Dale Miquelle stated that “Like many large carnivores, tigers face an array of serious threats throughout their range, including poaching (of tigers themselves and of their prey), habitat loss, and conflict with local people.”


The full story is here: