I need this for my super villain floating fortress

So I think I need to get one of these for my giant airship fortress when I finally raise the funds to get into proper super villainy. Thanks to Ricochet.com for the information.

The U.S. Navy has publicly unveiled its long awaited railgun at the Future Force Science and Technology Expo in Washington. Talked about since the days of Reagan’s Star Wars program, the weapon uses electromagnetic pulses to generate a magnetic force between two long rails.

Whereas a Hellfire missile travels at about Mach 1, the railgun projectile flies at Mach 7. This speed is so fast that the “bullet” does not need gunpowder or explosives; the impact alone will obliterate the target. It also travels a long way. Instead of 13-mile range of a 5-inch naval gun, the railgun can hit targets 110 miles away.