Russian Ai, Propaganda and Silliness

This is an article out of the international arm of the old Soviet News Agency (Pravda or Truth “–) now “RT” or RT news.  It asserts  to explain the availability in the US of “mind clones”or artificial robotic entities with a “copy” of ones mind.  This is via a “scientist” who performed this copying on his partner (A female — the “scientist” is transgender) I believe the purpose of establishing the sexual history is to enflame.  It is an ex soviet propaganda news outlet which is now solidly behind Putin.  I bring this to light here not as a scientific discovery or possible future system — though the article is titled:

Living forever as robot? Prototype lets humans upload their mind into mechanized ‘heads’


But as an example of the kind of gullible and marginally useful propaganda that our Russian buddies are promulgating.   It is an  interesting piece int hat light.

And the bonus is that the video accompanying the story is definitely amusing.

Watch if you dare