Additional on Tri-genetic DNA manipulation.

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From the Xenogenesis series DAWN by Octavia Butler


‘We do what you would call genetic engineering. We know you had begun to do it yourselves a little, but it’s foreign to you. We do it naturally. We must do it. It renews us, enables us to survive as an evolving species instead of specializing ourselves into extinction or stagnation.’

‘We all do it naturally to some degree,’ she said warily, ‘Sexual reproduction-’

‘The ooloi do it for us. They have special organs for it. They can do it for you too – make sure of a good, viable gene mix. It is part of our reproduction, but it’s much more deliberate than what any mated pair of humans have managed so far.

‘We’re not hierarchical, you see. We never were. But we are powerfully acquisitive. We acquire new life – seek it, investigate it, manipulate it, sort it, use it. We carry the drive to do this in a miniscule cell within a cell – a tiny organelle within every cell of our bodies. Do you understand me?’

‘I understand your words. Your meaning, though… it’s as alien to me as you are.’

That’s the way we perceived your hierarchical drives at first.’ He paused. ‘One of the meanings of Oankali is gene trader. Another is that organelle – the essence of ourselves, the origin of ourselves. Because of that organelle, the ooloi can perceive DNA and manipulate it precisely.’

(Dawn p41-42)

She was an amazing author with obviously ideas that have begun to come to fruition