Sad Puppies? I’m Not Sure but—

This is about political Science Fiction, awards, sad puppies and Hugo-Nots — IE Nebula(s)   — I can’t bring myself to use nebulae.

I’ve never been told that I have to keep my nominations private. Though the actual nominations are and nominations are separated  from identities prior to preliminary and final ballots.

Nebula nominations close midnight US time on Sunday the fifteenth.  Until then we can play with our nominations and change them as we feel appropriate.  Now this is not the Hugos — this is a bit more restrictive.  I am of course referring to the SFWA Nebula(s) for 2014.

Here are my thoughts and some of my nominations as they pertain to SCIPHI Journal publications.

First as to Novelette

The Ideal Machine, John C. Wright  from issue one October 2014

Mr Wright got this one right.  And it addressed the ideals I find most important while maintaining a wonderful premise and narrative voice.
There are three shorts I really was drawn to in SCIPHI Journal
In the first issue — a novelette;
Domo, by Joshua M. Young – what is more important than an AI’s soul.  Is that political?  Maybe
In the third issue  Just in time to make it by being published before the first of the year.
Pathways by Liam Hogan looked at the flip side of the automation problem (at least as to human damage and risk) and perhaps showcased a more contemporaneous likelihood involving automation.  Then Liam took us to the beginnings of our more problematic and “traditional” AI risks at their infancy.  Liam did a great job convincing me he was a 15 year old girl as a female protagonist.  His dialog was believable and very real.  Was the story political — again, perhaps.  It did discuss the problems and possible advantages of a typical Nanny government.
Also in the third issue, When Things Go Wobbly by Gregg Chamberlain.
Here we definitely get political — or perhaps philosophical — by directly invoking Marx and insects.  What exactly is Gregg saying here.  Is he a commie or not?  Me being an ex union steward — I want to know.  In a very short piece Glenn gives us much to contemplate.
This is a peek at a portion of my SFWA Nebula nomination ballot.  Perhaps some of you agree with me as to the value of these great stories.  Perhaps not.  I am not entirely sure that I have a preference.  I know what I like.  Yeah, I guess I really do hope you agree with me.