How you can help with Sad Puppies 3


Brad has an update on the SAd Puppies 3 Campaing. Don’t forget you need to get (at least) a voting membership for Sasquan

“And when the three puppy astronauts — Ray, Isaac, and Frank — observed the lay of the alien land on Hugo World, they let out a forlorn howl. For they saw nothing but tedious ‘message’ fiction, depressing talk-talk stories about amoral people with severe ennui, and literary MFA novels. Not a rocketship nor a ray gun in sight. ‘Can someone please give us some explosions?’ the puppies cried in unison. ‘I mean, we were promised explosions! And kick-ass laser battles! And all we got were some lousy t-shirts that said, This is what a feminist looks like! We don’t want that stupid crap! We came to have fun! At least give us loud bowling shirts with babes on them; like the one that comet guy wore!’”

Yes, friends, the time is near — for you to put your money where your instinct for rambunctious irreverence is. January 31 is your final day to register as a member of Sasquan, the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention. Of course, you don’t have to be a Sasquan member to participate in the Hugo award voting and nominations. You can also be a member of either Loncon 3 (last year’s Worldcon) or MidAmeriCon II (next year’s Worldcon.) If you have a membership for any of these, you’re good to go for the Hugo nomination period. Otherwise, if you’re new to SAD PUPPIES and you want to join the pack effort, sign up for Sasquan now! It’s your chance (as a science fiction or fantasy fan, of any type, any style, any age, or any interest) to make your voice heard — to put some genuine prestige back into SF/F’s self-branded “most prestigious science fiction award.”

As noted in earlier SAD PUPPIES 3 posts, the point of the PUPPIES campaign 2015 is to try to get both people and works onto the ballot who are both a) wholly deserving and b) unlikely to ever be there, due to Worldcon’s ever-skewing and ever-more-politicized voting trends. There is also c) the push to expand the Hugos to include SF/F gaming in one or more categories — a project that will take multiple Worldcons to effect.

So, please don’t hesitate. The door slams shut at midnight in eleven days. And if you don’t have the cash for a full membership, no worries. Supporting memberships cost less, and are just as valid at the ballot box. So add your voice to the din, and help combat puppy sadness! This is YOUR genre and YOUR award. Not the trophy of a secluded club. Yours. The tie-in novel fan, the gamer, the anime enthusiast, Star Wars and Star Trek fans, Marvel comics (and comics movies) fans, and so forth. EVERYBODY deserves a seat at the table, and a chance to be heard.

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