Star Wars vs Star Trek

It seems that former Scrubs star Donald Faison doesn’t think all that much of Star Trek: The Original Series and instead prefers Star Wars because it is more exciting.

Where do you stand on this question? I suppose in part it is an unfair comparison because Star Wars is essentially fantasy with space ships while Star Trek, however rubbery the physics, does attempt to have a scientific veneer.

  • Foxfier

    *snark* Yeah, Trek is so boring. Has all of that “character development” and “complex plot lines” and “story arc” stuff. Very low proportion of shiny.

    *slightly different snark* Yeah, the guy in the rubber suit is so lame, it’s totally more exciting to have people “dodging” beams of light while sound effects go off, especially if their dodging has little obvious relation to the lights.

    *yet a third* Totally boring, they had character development and story arcs and some decent continuity over some 28 seasons and ten movies. Yawn.


    Person’s got a right to his taste, but now I remember why I avoid talk shows. How… lame.

    • sciphi

      Trek fan then?

      I love them both, but for different reasons.

      The clip they showed was pretty funny though, but I am not a huge TOS fan, growing up on the TNG universe shows (DS9 is my favorite). I’m rewatching Enterprise at the moment, it was _really_ solid.

      • Foxfier

        *big grin*

        Like them both, actually– they’re totally different styles and types of stories, to compare them by a shallow sort of “exciting” is… disappointing. I find a lot more to be excited about in Trek because there’s so very much more of it, but there’s real truth in the “Star Wars is a fantasy story set in space” idea. Cleaner, more idealized/crystallized/clear characters.

        Deep Space Nine is my favorite because it let O’Brian shine, and Garak is awesome, while Bashir is a geek, and ooooh so much cultural development stuff and Dukat was a delightful villain…. (The episodes with the other enhanced humans were kind of uncomfortable– I kept expecting them to pull out their RPG of choice, or for someone to mention Batman.)

        Funny thing is, my husband is a big Star Wars guy, and even he thinks it’s a silly comparison. His response was the root for most of the snarky responses.