Dalrock solves the gender pay gap

I know this isn’t especially superversive but it is interesting and I wanted to draw attention to it. I have been reading Dalrock for years and I thought this quite cynical article was an interesting read on the nature of the pay gap that feminists are always talking about. I think he hits the nail on the head and illustrates why closing it will probably do far more harm than good because the reason for it is fathers looking after their wives and kids.

Have a read of How to close the gender pay gap once and for all.

Closing the gender pay gap is a national priority, but due to misunderstanding the problem we have failed to fully close it. The good news is we are already making great progress in this area, albeit largely by accident. Even better, now that we understand the true culprit we can speed up our progress via more deliberate efforts.

Misunderstanding the nature of the problem

For decades we have labored under the misconception that the gender earnings gap was due to institutional discrimination against women. In order to combat this, we have focused our efforts on affirmative action programs and equal opportunity laws and enforcement. However, as economists have stubbornly pointed out, if women were being systematically paid less than men for the same productivity this would create an opportunity for employers to gain a competitive advantage by only hiring women. What we now understand is that the earnings gap is actually caused by women and men making different choices regarding education and employment.

The simple solution

Some have looked at the root cause of the earnings gap and determined that there is either no real problem, or that the problem can’t be solved. This is untrue. Equality of the sexes is a national priority and we are a wealthy nation. No matter what the cost, it will be worth it to close the earnings gap. Now that we understand the root cause of the problem, the solution is surprisingly obvious. We need to remove the incentives which are causing men to prioritize higher earnings. Men prioritize earnings under the outdated patriarchal system where men are seen as the breadwinners. Until we solve this problem, the wage gap will persist. Part of the problem is biological, but we know that there are institutional ways to circumvent these differences of biology.

What we need to do is remove the powerful incentives men and boys perceive to being the family breadwinner. These incentives are the root cause of men choosing harder but higher paying majors, accepting a longer commute, working longer hours, choosing a more demanding or even dangerous work environment, etc. It is important to understand that these choices are cumulative and begin very early in life. As I mentioned above part of the problem is biological; men are motivated to make these sexist choices by a desire to be more successful sexually. While we can’t change men’s and women’s sexual natures, we know we can do a great deal to change the rules of the sexual marketplace. We need to move away from the old sexist view of men as breadwinners, and instead have men focus on being as sexually desirable as possible. To do this, we need to move away from our outdated and sexually restrictive marriage based sexual/family system to one based on continuous sexual re-choosing.

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