The things fans complain about!

I saw a funny article over at CinemaBlend about the thing fans gripe about most in Guardians of the Galaxy. Can you guess what it was? This is one of the things I love about fandoms, they love their minutiae. The don’t question the plausibiliy oft giant talking trees or raccoons with rocket launchers, they question the plausibility of …


When it comes to nit-picking Guardians of the Galaxy, one of the most commonly repeated points is that Star-Lord’s cassette and Walkman would either have not survived the rough-and-tumble 26 years that he has spent in space, or would have simply run out of juice years ago. It turns out that director James Gunn is kind of tired of people bringing this up, and believes that the answer to people’s nit-pick is actually quite obvious.

The Marvel Studios filmmaker took to his personal Facebook page today to write a piece fully explaining and clarifying recent statements about the potential future of the Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers coming together on the big screen, and he took the opportunity to use the forum as a place to explain how Peter Quill’s Awesome Mix Vol. 1 and Sony Walkman have managed to survive for years and years despite being rather crappy ’80s-era technology. Gunn wrote in the post:

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On an unrelated note there was an interesting discussion on the metaphysics of Groot and Rocket in Sci Phi Journal: Issue #1, October 2014: The Journal of Science Fiction and Philosophy

  • Foxfier

    That’s not an explanation, that’s either (depending on the voice you read it in) a hissy fit about folks noticing a plothole or a suggestion for what should have been shown at some point.

    You don’t get to do cruddy logic because “they have talking trees.” The talking trees is one of the Established differences. If you don’t bother to establish a really obvious thing– even with a single throw-away line about how much work someone did to get a thing to work, or some fiddling with funky technology in the battery compartment– then you don’t get to whine when folks point out there’s a plot hole.

    It’s not “the modified with alien technology walkman is still working,” it’s “the perfectly normal walkman and tape have survived waaaaay longer than they should’ve.” You don’t show it’s different, or direct reasons to believe it’s different, you don’t get to complain when folks point out a messup. Even if the real reason is just “the comic was started that long ago.”

    Sorry, pet peeve. Folks who think that a story being fictional is an absolute excuse for sloppy writing are being childish; not being consistent with what they know of the world doesn’t mean it’s not consistent with itself.

    • sciphi

      Yeah I know what you mean. Made me laugh though.