Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth

The parade had marched though the city most of the day. The victory parade was not the arrogant stamp of conquerors, it was not a triumphal procession laden with captured goods, nor was it a grim military spectacle, boasting of military might to the rest of the world. No, it was the simple joy and thanks of serving men returning home to their homes and families after so many years. These men had fought in the most violent war of their time, some had chosen to take on war as a lifetime profession. Most were farmers, city men, business owners, doctors and the like, torn from their life’s path to confront an evil which threatened all mankind. And, for now, that evil was defeated.

Two old friends stood and watched the parade go by.

“Do they even know what we did for them too? The battles we fought, the missions we went on? Do they even know to thank us?” one asked, ruffling his coat.

“Some do, and they know who to truly thank as well.” the other answered. “Our service, like theirs, is not about glory or thanks. The service is why: to fight evil because it must be fought. Ours were different battlefields, of course, and most of our battles will go forever unknown. Usually, that means we won.”

“Well then, let’s go home.” said the first.

With that, they both shed their disguises as men, and flew into the sky unseen.


Dedicated to all those who fight for peace on earth: whether in the open, or by hidden ways.