A New Life

After four sons, yesterday was my daughter’s first birthday. I wrote this the week after she was born:


A New Life


A new life is in our arms, new hopes and dreams unspoken,
New love, responsibilities and promises unbroken.
A finger placed into her palm is gripped with tiny strength;
When faced with such sweet innocence, we can but gaze at length.

What skills and possibilities will she give to the world?
Which hearts will she grow and inspire? Which flags will be unfurled?
Which causes and forgotten souls will she assist and bless?
Which evils will she stand against and make their power less?

How can we best protect her from the threats this life entails?
How will we comfort and restore her when she falls and fails?
How will we give her strength to face the trials that come her way?
How will we pass on wisdom that will serve her well one day?

We’ll follow timeless truths we know whose source is life itself
Instead of merely keeping books of wisdom on our shelf.
They have their worth, of course, but if we don’t open them up
It’s like sitting at a gourmet feast and declining then to sup.

We’ll grow ourselves and hope that she will follow in our path
Without needing to endure a life of too much pain and wrath.
We’ll trust in Him who’s demonstrated His trustworthiness
And provide all that’s in our power, we do not dare do less.