Cedar Sanderson speaks of covers

In a recent edition of Cedar Writes, author and cover artist Cedar Sanderson did a post called Covers and Writings in which she lays out how to do cover art and make it. You should have a read and if you need cover design done she certainly knows her stuff.

My #indiepublishing how-to contribution over at Mad Genius Club today is covers, specifically how to judge, find, and use art suitable for an ebook cover (planning ahead for print, as well). Although this is a topic I’ve covered a few times (heh) this year, we continue to get questions about it, so I’ve done it again.

little red-hood coverAnd every time I do this, I take a fresh look at my own covers and realize I ought to do up some of them to look better. Right now, I’m eyeballing Little Red and the Wolfman and thinking that needs to change. But so does Vulcan’s Kittens…

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