#Gamergate has a change.org Petition

#Gamergate has a petition on change.org that asks Amazon and Google to stop advertising with Gawker Media. I signed the petition you might want to give it a look, it seems pretty reasonable, especially given the SJW/Pinkshirt nature of so much of Gawker media and so much of the hypocrisy they indulge in.

From the petition

Get Google and Amazon to stop advertising on Gawker Media

Angel Adames

Gawker Media, particularly its weblogs Gawker, Jezebel, and Kotaku, need to be held accountable for several actions that any decent person would find reprehensible. We find that this company does not deserve any advertising at all, especially not from such big companies as Amazon or Google. We provide a list of their crimes-

Released stolen nude photographs of several actors,actresses, and other public figures:

http://archive.today/mQdLx Heather Morris’ stolen nude photographs

https://archive.today/usTWx Stolen private sexts between Olivia Munn and her lover.

http://archive.today/bgkAG Roy Jones Jr’s stolen nude photographs

http://archive.today/5Nr7n Hulk Hogan’s stolen sex tape

They have refused to take down material as per court orders: https://archive.today/uBnKa

They employ a man who encourages:

bullying- http://guardianlv.com/2014/11/bullying-advocate-sam-biddle-faces-promotion/


and animal abuse- http://i.imgur.com/pdT4zYy.png


They have also released an article humiliating a teenage boy: https://archive.today/qzdu1

Gawker Media has also written in defense of pedophilia: https://archive.today/EQc1R

As well as domestic violence: https://archive.today/QpH9k

And is guilty of insurance fraud as well: http://www.businessinsurance.com/article/20141117/NEWS06/141119848?tags

We the undersigned find that Gawker Media has violated Amazon’s terms of advertising by providing defamatory, discriminatory, pornographic material to its readers. We find that any form of continued partnership with Gawker Media is, whether directly or indirectly, an approval of this unacceptable behavior. We find that, to maintain their public image as a business that places the consumer first, both Google and Amazon must end their partnership with Gawker Media and ALL its affiliates. We the undersigned CONDEMN animal abuse, pedophilia, the leaking of stolen material, the humiliation of public figures, and bullying in all its forms.