The first British Sci Fi film is back!

The good folks over at io9 had a story on the first British science fiction film, “Message from Mars”, that has been restored and is able to be watched. There is a short clip from it on YouTube. I wonder when we will get to see the whole 89 minutes of it?

From Youtube

Britain’s first ever sci-fi film, dating back to 1913, has been restored as part of a special project by BBC Arts and the British Film Institute.
A Message from Mars follows the story of a Martian, who is sent to Earth as a punishment for misbehaving.
The silent film has been given a new soundtrack, composed by creative director Matthew Herbert.
Brian Robinson from the BFI told BBC Breakfast: “Anything that’s last for 100 years is going to have some elements of decay… those had to be painstakingly removed.”