Is Star Wars Superversive?

Is Star Wars Superversive?

I’m relatively new to this idea of Superversion in literatue and lets be honest, i’m an engineer by background and not one of these literary vunderkind I find myself surrounded by as I publish Sci Phi Journal and So lets see if I understand the idea properly.

Is the Star Wars universe Superversive? I’ve recently finished listening to the last in the X-Wing Series of books, Mercy Kill
, and with the release of the Episode VII trailer it seems as good a time as any to consider the question. It seems, depending on what you count as “Star Wars” the answer is yes. I’ve read a lot of the expanded universe novels over the years, i’ve seen all the movies, watched most of the TV shows (even the Holiday Special with a rifftrax!) and have enjoyed most of it. But is it Superversive? I think so.

It would seem that the original trilogy is unquestionably Superversive, with its tale of a battle of good against evil, tales of redemption, of nobility and sacrifice and the triumph of the light over the dark. The prequel movies seem to lose some of that, with a descent in a morass of moral greys and compromise that lose some of the essence of the original, but the tale of compromise corruption and destruction does work well as prologue for the story of triumph and redemption.

It would seem to have all of the right ingredients over the six movie arc to serve as a superversive tale told on a civilizational level. The once great and noble civilization that had grown complacent and stale, the forces of corruption that set in and sought to put their own stamp on the universe, to remake into their image of a perfect rightly ordered world and the death and struggle that came out of that. The rise of a band of freedom fighters who stood up against that tyranny and risked everything for the hope of a better tomorrow, who took on the mighty Death Stars, not once but twice in suicidal attacks because that was what was needed to save the day. To stand in harms way when it was required, even when all seemed lost and at its most hopeless because it was right, even if the outcome was in doubt, even if all looked lost. This was tale was also continued in the expanded universe as the Rebels became the Galactic Alliance and went on to battle Grand Admiral Thrawn, various foreign alien threats, and whittle away at the last remnants of the Galactic Empire, to come full circle and set up a New Republic in place of the old.

Perhaps the Star Wars saga, unintentionally, serves as a prophecy for the future of our civilization broadly and speculative fiction in particular with the Superversives, the #GamerGaters and others as the rebels standing up to the corrupt and decadent empire of the SJW’s, the Pinkshirts and the other forces of leftist orthodoxy.

So i’m going to go rewatch the trilogy now ..