Sarah Hoyt offers hope for the future!

I enjoy Sarah’s musings on life the universe and everything and she has some great insights into why in the end the current madness that is engulfing the culture is the sign of a movement that is dying. She certainly gives me hope for the future, I know it will all work out in the end, but I sometimes wonder if Western Civilization will survive these lunatic barbarians who have stormed the gates. Still, time will tell, enjoy this excerpt, you can find the little I didn’t quote at According to Hoyt.

You know, we tend to get all depressive about the future, which is stupid because if the future belongs to anyone it’s nor Marx, and yes, I realize there’s a good chance it belongs to barbarians who kill the Marxists (who are also barbarians, but pretending not to be.) But it could also belong to us. And frankly, us vs. the barbarians? We’ll win. They’re not that smart. If they were we’d be in real trouble.

So I thought I’d list off the top of my head reasons why I think we’re winning:

– The mass media is losing more and more power. The fact that Lena Dunham is considered a mover and shaker, despite the fact they admit her audience is tiny gives the game away. It’s like with the pushed books in SF/F, all hype and blather, but there’s no there, there.

– All they got anymore is re-threads of re-threads, of re-threads. The liberal establishment is not only the establishment, but it’s dying of a fatal lack of creativity. They remind me of French painters who learned to draw by copying ideal statues and all their work was mannered and followed so many rules you needed to be one of them to appreciate it.

– Make no mistake, culture is where the politics of the next generation is formed, and their culture is dying. Now most millenials won’t admit to reading non-approved stuff (ask Foxfier why if you don’t get that they know they’re up against the establishment and prefer not to call fire on themselves) but everyone of them does: blogs, indie, a lot of their own fanfic. And while a lot of what they read and write is blinkered (remember yourself at their ages, guys?) it’s not approved or a uniform voice anymore. And there’s a refreshing tendency to just want STORY not “story that makes SJW points.”

– A friend before the 2004 election when I was still in the political closet and very nervous said “Chill. They scream the loudest when they’re losing. It’s a way you can tell how they’re drowning. They go on the attack and talk about how your position has no hope. It’s all projection and despair.” Well… they decided to mess with GAMERS. Gamers. (Shakes head. Even I am not that foolhardy.)

– Their protests are becoming more obviously sponsored by the dying old guard — ANSWER, Working Families, and other places that have been communist fronts for ages. Their attempts at generating mass uprisings of the proletariat keep failing. (Snort giggle. Marxism is a fantasy ideology, morons. He had the predictive power of reading fish entrails. If that. At least with a fish you could tell what the fish had eaten. Marx described the past as well as he predicted the future. You were taken in by the ravings of a psychotic who wouldn’t know reality if it bit him in the butt.)

– The more desperate they get, the more they scream. The more they scream, the more it becomes obvious they’re raving lunatics.

In the end, we win, they lose. Keep at it. We are the revolutionaries. We are the avant garde. We’re the ones who have the courage to form our own beliefs independent of the establishment pap we’ve been fed.

The only hope for civilization’s renewal or — indeed — continuance is with us. Shoulder to the wheel and push.