10 future diseases to watch out for

io9 brings us another interesting article on 10 diseases of the future, that we may have to prepare ourselves to deal with. The list is quite interesting and some of them are already starting to become a reality with others not that far in the future.

Their list includes

  1. Virtual Reality Addiction
  2. Dissociative Reality Disorder
  3. Personality Identity Dysphoria
  4. Post-Cryonic Societal Integration Disorder
  5. Cybernetic Septicemia
  6. Nanotoxicological Shock
  7. Superintelligence-induced Psychosis
  8. Robophobia
  9. Endemic Life-Extension Induced Ennui

Today, humans suffer from a wide range of diseases and disorders that didn’t exist in the past, a trend that will likely continue well into the future. Here are 10 unexpected and wholly unpleasant diseases we’ll eventually have to contend with.

It’s impossible to know which pathogens will afflict us in the future, but by looking at technological and social trends, we can make some educated guesses about the kinds of diseases and disorders that are likely to emerge.

Consider this your speculation warning. We’re about to journey out of what we do know, into the realm of what might happen.

Deliberate acts of bioterrorism and biohacking will introduce entirely new and unexpected problems, such as the deliberate dissemination of bioengineered viruses or brain hacking. But for the purposes of this list, I’ve chosen to exclude those possibilities. I’ll set those aside for a future io9 superlist. This post will only consider health issues that are likely to emerge as a consequence of our technological advancements and our inability to cope with them.

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