Why You Should See “Interstellar” by David Hallquist


Rating: ***** (You Really Need to See This)

If it only offered a breathtaking view of the universe as a place of astonishing and haunting beauty, it would be worth seeing. If it only actually delved into scientific detail such as wormholes, black holes and time dilation, in an understandable fashion for all it would be worth seeing. If it only had characters that you came to care for and hope against impossible hope for it would be worth seeing. This movie does all of that and more. It make you proud to be human.

In this story, the earth is dying out, and a new world must be found to save the human species form extinction. The remnants of NASA turn to a retired pilot and engineer turned farmer, Cooper. If he can pilot a ship though a discovered artificial wormhole, and find a habitable world, then humanity might be saved.

As much as “2001, a Space Odyssey” was about humanity confronting an inhuman cosmos, “Interstellar” is about humanity in space. It is about the conflicts, reasons, hopes, and desperation which drive us. It is a story about family, about civilization, and why we do what we do, even if it seems impossible. It is about the conflict of hope against despair.

A telling point comes when Cooper is asked why not tell his daughter he is on the mission to save the world. He replies: “No father tells their child the world is doomed.” Indeed, if she had thought the world doomed, she would not have carried on in her scientific work to save mankind.

Another point in when the entire mission is about to fail and Cooper is told his solution is “impossible” he replies “No, it’s necessary.” This, then is the essence of heroism. Not doing something out of a need for glory, but because it is simply necessary to save others, no matter how hard or impossible it may seem.

After a slew of science-fiction movies about the despair of the future, here is one of courage and hope. There is darkness, danger and evil aplenty, but it is faced squarely by people of courage and conviction. It will make you proud to be human.