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  • My grandson loves trains. Been crazy about them since before he was two years old. He started out with Thomas Train – my personal favorite is Percy (don’t laugh at me) – graduated up to [...]
  • Sci-fi is about sense of wonder. It’s about exploration. It’s about seeking the unknown to better humanity. If you’re confused, it’s because you’ve been reading Hugo Award winning fiction for the last 20 years and [...]
  • Chris Braly of Bleeding Fool provides proof of the SJW convergence at Marvel and DC that led to #ComicsGate, complete with visual aids. The following tweets were all posted by former and current creators with [...]
  • The absolutely fun thing about Pocketful of Stars is that it’s like a matrouyshka doll. It’s got layers. You open up one, and there’s another fun face looking at you, and you open that one [...]
  • Ouch!

    June 21, 2018 0
    So I am trying very hard to do a post here every day. But a funny thing happened on the way to the blogosphere. My left ankle is now the size of a watermelon (okay, [...]

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