What We’re Really Up Against

April 24, 2018 Brian Niemeier 0

…Is revealed as Vox Day attempts to explain the Right’s dire need to produce cultural products that can counter the Left’s highly effective propaganda. It’s hard not to be stirred by the new SJW anthem, […]

Jon Del Arroz

What We Can Learn From Kanye West

April 24, 2018 jdelarroz 0

I did a periscope earlier about Kanye and an overall state of the union on culture, and I think I said everything I could have stated on the blog this morning (plus, my laptop is […]


The Law Of Diminishing Cool Stuff

April 24, 2018 Scott Huggins 0

One of the great misconceptions that readers (and non-readers) have about writers is that “ideas” are valuable. “Where do you get your ideas” is to a writer, of course, that most useless of questions, much […]

Dawn Witzke

Something Old, Something New

April 24, 2018 Dawn Witzke 0

…something borrowed may be copyright infringement. I know, it doesn’t go that way, but it seems fitting for a writer’s blog. No, this post isn’t about copyright infringement. It’s about something far more exciting. Something […]

Richard Paolinelli

Upcoming Release!

April 23, 2018 Richard Paolinelli 0

I just wrapped up a two-day run at the 25th Annual Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival here in Southern California. I’ll have a more detailed after-action report on the people I met and some interesting shenanigans […]