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  • The following review contains spoilers for both Wreck-It Ralph movies. So I thought that the original Wreck-It Ralph was one of the better children’s movies that came out that year. It was smart and funny, with a [...]
  • The latest case of Chase Bank’s removal of Martina Markota’s bank account, over what appears to be for no reason other than her being a vocal right winger, is just another example of why the [...]
  • A Hot Mess of Algorithms

    February 22, 2019 0
    International Lord of Hate Larry Correia suspects foul play from Facebook in regard to his most recent BOOK BOMB. TL; DR: Larry Book Bombed his departed friend Zach’s posthumous first novel, hoping to drive sales [...]
  • After years of blood, sweat, and tears, my debut Science-Fantasy novel, “The Goddess Gambit- Book One of the No Gods, No Masters Saga, is out! ShadowRun meets Fallout! Final Fantasy meets Robotech! The Goddess Gambit [...]
  • Very excited to get this short story collection out on audio, including fan-favorite novella “Gravity of the Game”. This took quite a while to make because of the length of the book, so it should [...]
  • Larry Correia, the Mountain that Writes, announces a very special BOOK BOMB for the late author Zachary Hill: For those of you new to this, a Book Bomb is when I pick out a good book, [...]

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