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  • Many of us are familiar with Realm Maker the conference/Facebook group for Christian fantasy and sf authors. The wonderful folks behind this great group are putting together an anthology of stories on heroism. You can [...]
  • The Reading Rainbow Emperor returns! He begins with a four-part Awake in the Night Land series. I hope you enjoy it. After this series, I’m gonna change up my style again.
  • Ken Dickason of Celts Can Cook announces: This week, we did a Christmas story reading from John C. Wright, “Nativity.” It’s a lovely science fiction story involving grief, time travel, and the birth of Jesus. [...]
  • Always fun to see the books I have edited reach the bookshelves!  How can you resist a book with a dream trashcan! Ideomatic, Inc. has perfected humanity. Their Dream Trashcan can create the ideal you. [...]
  • Not SF, but Superversive does non-fiction, too. Mary was a Virgin but did she stay a virgin after Jesus was born? Did she live a sinless life? In his debut work, David Knox explores these [...]

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  • Admittedly, I paid little attention to the Covington Catholic story that broke over the weekend, judging it yet another instance of #FakeNews directed against young, white, Christian men that would be swept under the rug [...]
  • This is another year where I’m going to do at least three conventions. If you’re going to be nearby, come and find me RAVENCON 14. In Williamsburg, VA, from April 5-7. LIBERTYCON … Yes, I [...]
  • I am pleased to announce my endorsement of Mary Robinette Kowal for President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America! Some folk might ask why I endorse? As the leading Hispanic voice in [...]
  • XCD-001-3 Xanthippe     Technical Data Model number: XCD-001-3 Code name: XSeed Nickname: Xanthippe Classification: energy weapon optimized Sentinel use combat frame Manufacturer: Seed Corporation Operator: [REDACTED] First deployment: CY 1 Crew: 1 pilot in cockpit [...]
  •   Books and sample books for FREE via Book Funnel promo.   Enjoy!    
  • Author’s note: Here’s one from the vaults. It struck me as particularly relevant now.Yeah, yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they [...]

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